Michelle “Mo” Campbell (Founder)

Mo is a Texas Transplant. Originally from Paso Robles, California; she moved to Texas at the age of 10 with her Mom and Step Dad. Mo is an only child, but is very blessed to have a very supportive family. Her Mom and Step Dad still live here in Houston. Her biological Father as well as the rest of her biological family live in California.

Mo is a 1997 graduate of  Jersey Village High school. After high school she attended various community colleges but graduated from Sam Houston State University with a BFA in Criminal Justice. Her ultimate goal is to attend law school at some point in her life. She is currently a project coordinator for a local company.

Mo has always been an animal lover. She has picked up dogs from the side of the road, so they would not get run over and has kept them until their owners got home, even if it was for 3 days.

When Bubba was diagnosed with PTSD, she immediately started looking into different alternatives to medication. Mo began doing research on PTSD Service Dogs, and decided to test drive the concept with one of their pets, which seemed to help Bubba. That’s all it took, Bubba would be getting a service dog no matter what.

Mija, (Bubba’s original PTSD Service Dog) has been a blessing to their family!

Being that Mo has not only studied this subject on her own, she also has first hand knowledge and experience of the benefits to having a service dog in her family. Being a spouse of someone that has PTSD, she has the ability to relate to the spouses, and assist them with understanding how ” a dog” will help change the “way things have been at home”.

During the transitional period, having a Service Dog in the house, can make the spouse feel as if they are no longer needed because now the dog is doing most of the things they would normally do to help.  Mo struggled with this when Mija came into the house, no longer did she need to constantly check on Bubba nor did she have to worry about Bubba when she was at work.

Mo works with the spouse with these hurdles prior to it being the surprise that she faced.  She continues her support with spouse after the Service Dog goes home and begins doing it’s job.





Joe “Bubba” Millhouse (Co-founder/Trainer/Handler)

Bubba, 33 , is a native Houstonian. He is a 2000 graduate from from Jersey Village High school. While in high school bubba was a junior member of the Cy-Fair volunteer fire department. After high school he applied with the marines but had not passed the physical because of prior knee surgeries. After 9/11 he received a phone call from the recruiter and they were willing to look the other way on the knee issue. However, in that time of being told he wouldn’t be accepted into the military he had received a grant from Cy-Fair Volunteer Fire Department to attend San Jacinto Junior college to get his college hours so he could apply with Houston Fire Department (HFD).

Bubba is a graduate of the HFD academy class 14:2002. He started as a rookie at station 4 and then got transferred to 2. This is where he finished his probationary period. Once he was able to he transferred to 28’s and spent approximately two years at this station. Bubba then applied to the TRO school (Technical Rescue Operator) to hopefully become a member of the Houston Technical Rescue Team. Bubba has always been the individual who if he has the desire to accomplish something he will. TRO was no different. He successfully completed the class and got transferred to Rescue 10 on the “A” shift. This is where Bubba finished his career with the Houston Fire Department.

Bubba was injured in the line of duty on December 7, 2010, while extricating an individual out of a car. He crushed his left hand between the jaws of life and the car. Bubba is also left handed. After multiple surgeries on his elbow, hand and a lot of physical therapy he didn’t have the success one had hoped. He made the decision in January of 2014 to have his little and ring finger amputated in the hope that this would allow him to return to work and continue life as normal.

After a period of time Bubba, his family and surgeon decided it was time to look into retiring with disability.

In 2015 Bubba retired from the Houston Fire Department.

During his time in the fire department, he was also diagnosed with P.T.S.D. and began individual and group therapy sessions. During this period he qualified for a Service Dog.

Bubba instantly connected with “Mija” at the Rescue Shelter the first day they met, and began training Mija on his own.  After a few weeks of training Bubba realized that while training the dogs, his mind was finally at ease and seemed to smiling again. Bubba then began his training to be a dog trainer with the help of several people.

After a year of training dogs, and seeing the continued positive effects Mija was having on him and his family; Mo and Bubba decided that they needed to start Humbled Heroes.Bubba could not just sit back, knowing the answer of how to live with PTSD, and watch individuals suffer, lose their families and or take their own lives.


Chris “Wagmaster” Leisinger- (Advisor / Trainer)


My name is, “Wagmaster” Chris, head dog trainer and behavior specialist at the School of Wags.

After 3 deployments as a Cavarely Scout in the US Army, I was diagnosed with PTSD and a TBI.

When I hit my low point my 4 legged battle buddy, “Repo”, a 168 pound bull mastiff, saved my life by stopping me from making the worse possible mistake ever.

As things got better, with Repo’s help, (Keep in mind he was not my service dog just a pet that knew me better than anyone else including myself) I made a promise to him, that I would save his kind, mastiffs, thus School of Wags was born.

I have now dedicated my life to the mastiffs of the world, saving as many as I can from shelters, strays, owner surrender and/or where ever I can get them.




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